About Us

Since 1982, Geddes has been producing custom solid wood furniture in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  Through the years we gradually expanded our product line from solely vintage furniture to include heirloom quality pieces made locally.  We are proud of our lasting commitment to quality, design integrity and our East Coast roots!

With lasting quality in mind, each Geddes piece is meticulously made and finished by the hands of our local craftspeople.   Constructed using the highest level of craftsmanship, premium materials and attention to detail.

Geddes has been furnishing family homes for generations.  Our furniture has found homes across North American, from Boston to California, Vancouver to Newfoundland, and many places in between.

Solid wood furniture that is timeless, handmade, and inspired by our surroundings. Our designs range from the robust traditional to the very linear contemporary. The beauty of natural wood is celebrated and combined with a practical elegance that contributes to completing each room. Simple and finely detailed.  We are committed to building the highest quality furniture in Atlantic Canada

Crafted by Hand

The Geddes Collections and custom and commercial orders are crafted by hand by local craftspeople who offer over 75 years’ combined experience in furniture building and finishing.

Sustainable North American Hardwoods

Our furniture is made with the highest grade of wood, in three varieties:

Cherry pack 02


Our wood of choice. With a deep colour that deepens as it ages, our cherry is sustainably grown and harvested primarily in Pennsylvania, Virgina, and North Carolina. Most of our furniture is available in cherry, even if it is shown in black walnut or American ash.


A strong, dense wood, our black walnut ranges in colour from light brown to rich, purple brown. Most of our furniture is available in black walnut, even if it is shown in cherry or ash.


The light, oak-like colour and texture of our American ash is a bright base for any finish. Most of our furniture is available in ash, even if it is shown in cherry or walnut.


We can build furniture in other hardwoods upon request.