Well crafted, solid wood furniture can last for generations with proper care, but even the best finish will suffer from the wear and tear of use day after day, year after year, decade after decade. Whether you want to refresh an original finish or change to a contemporary style, Geddes can bring new life and beauty to your wood furniture.

Refinished by Hand

In our Halifax shop, local craftspeople strip and refinish your favourite pieces by hand, ensuring joints, glues, woods, and varnishes are preserved throughout the process. Often, surface damage can be eliminated in refinishing. Joints can be tightened and re-glued if required.

We have a variety of stains and custom paints to choose for your finish.

We’re not able to repair damaged varnishes.

Get a Quote

Send us an email with photos and dimensions of the furniture you’d like refinished, and we’ll send you an approximate quote. An estimate can be done in your home for a small charge.